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    Axiom Verge coming to the Nintendo Switch.
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    Infinite Minigolf coming to the Nintendo Switch.
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    The Switch’s game library is about to get a whole lot bigger. Developer Andrew Sampson has announced that the revolutionary app Rainway will be coming to the Nintendo eShop on Switch. Rainway will allow players to stream PC games directly to Nintendo’s newest console. While there isn’t any news on a Switch release date, Sampson wants to release a beta for a handful of devices next month.
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    When Nintendo revealed Switch last October, Silicon Studio was listed as one of its partners. Now we have a better idea as to how the company is involved. Today, it was announced that Silicon Studio is pledging to provide technology for Switch. The postscript middleware YEBIS, the all-in-one game engine OROCHI which has over 40 dev tools, and the next-gen game engine Xenko which will be out in April, will all be made compatible with the platform. Worth noting, Silicon Studio already offered middleware and graphic technology for the Switch SDK.
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    Super Bomberman R - Vic Viper(Gradius), Simon Belmont(Castlevania), & Pyramid Head(Silent Hill) Bombers announced! Super Bomberman R 60fps Update! Before & After Comparison (Ver. 1.3)
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