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Смерть шпионам 3 / Death to Spies 3

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    • Говно какое-то, наш игропром обречен :С

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Платформы: PC/MAC
Жанр: stealth-action
Издатель: Haggard Games
Разработчик: Haggard Games
Дата релиза:  сентябрь 2015

Официальный сайт: http://haggardgames.com/

Страничка в Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=262334958

Демоверсия: http://www.haggardgames.com/dload/dts3demo_setup.exe


Страничка Kickstarter-кампании

Death to Spies - стелс-экшн с видом от третьего лица, рассказывающий о советском агенте контрразведки "СМЕРШ" и его команде. События третьей части разворачиваются во времена  Второй мировой и Холодной войны (1962-1964 годы). По словам разработчиков, игра вдохновляется такими олдскульными представителями жанра, как Hitman, Commandos и Splinter Cell. Разработка ведется усилиями небольшой команды из Ростова-на-Дону.




Ключевые особенности:

  • Одиночная игра с командным режимом - возможность управлять тремя персонажами, каждый из которых обладает уникальным набором навыков и приспособлений.
  • Геймплей, основанный на скрытном перемещении и маскировке
  • Нелинейные уровни с разнообразными способами выполнить поставленные задачи. 
  • Исторический сеттинг - сюжет базируется на исторических события Второй мировой и периода Холодной войны. 
  • Широкий выбор оружия, инструментов и методов саботажа.

Вы можете маскироваться и быть на глазах у врагов, или прятаться в тени и перемещаться незамеченным. Притворяйтесь, вырабатывайте стратегию, выполняйте поставленные задачи, используя ваши любимые методы, навыки,  оружие и персонажей.



Шапка будет обновляться!






                Besides having some awesome gameplay, we intend to deliver a solid story driven campaign based on historical events. We will touch on such mysterious case as the John F. Kennedy assassination and the conspiracy theory behind it. The story begins in Europe during World War II and continues throughout the period of the Cold War. 


      You can replay each mission with new ways to improve your performance rating. It's an open level game, so every task will have multiple methods for completion. Depending on your style of play you can get the best score as a Professional, Assassin, Wolfhound or Ghost. Share your rating with your friends using the Achievements System. In addition, the rating system will open up some new weapons and tips for you to use in your next missions. 

        Also, there will be a 'Saboteur' level of difficulty that doesn't allow you to change clothes. So you will have fun playing a game with Commandos and Splinter Cell style sneaking.       


        The Disguise System in the game allows your character to safely pass guards and to enter forbidden zones. NPC behavior is dynamically changed and based on what uniform you are currently wearing. You can also hide and sneak behind covers, large grass or shadows. Turning lights off to become less visible is another option for hiding.         


        After eliminating the guard you can take his place and pretend to be the guard. You can perform actions that other NPC's do to lower the suspicion value from your enemies.          

        Find ways to eliminate your targets with a so-called accident. A push down the stairs, adding poison to food or drinks, turning on the electricity at the right moment, using air in a syringe or drowning someone in a bathtub. If you take them out like that no one will have any idea that you have been there.      


        There are several lock picking methods in the game. You can pick the locks of doors, safes or electricity boxes. If you don't want to solve a lock puzzle you can try to break it by force with your knife.        


      The main character is Semyon Strogov, a Colonel, serving in First Chief Directorate of the KGB. He is a highly skilled "Active Measures" agent, with the call sign "Thunder".  During World War II he served in the counterintelligence service called SMERSH (Death to Spies).         

        In some missions you will be able to play two other characters - Olga and Viktor. Viktor is a professional sniper and explosives expert. Olga is a skilled thief and a sexual woman with the power to attract the attention of men. You will be able to work as a team and switch between characters at any time during this mission.


        The main story line includes 11 missions taking place in various locations, such as Europe, the USA and Cuba. You will visit military and civilian locations like aircraft carrier, bunker, some bases, hotels, clubs, police station and subway.         


        Besides a regular mouse and keyboard controls, the full native support of an Xbox360 Controller is already available and a Steam Controller is planned for and will be added.       


 What has already been accomplished:

  • Built functional and playable gameplay model with about 80% of the features implemented
  • Built graphical assets for all locations and missions.
  • About 70% of characters are already modeled.
  • Built engine and all required tools, including level editor
  • Overall about 70% of work on the game is finished.

What still remains to be done:

  • Level animations for NPC, lighting on some locations and some characters
  • Gameplay scripting. Most of the work still to be done is here.
  • Story cutscenes
  • Sound and voice recordings
  • Music
  • Testing and polishing

We are planning to release the game step-by-step. First we will release an early access version of the game with two missions, due before end of December 2014. After that in each monthly update we will add other missions and missing content. It all depends on whether we reach the appropriate goals with your help.


        Most of the rewards are virtual items, such as the game itself, and additional content (Wallpapers, Soundtrack, Art & Hints book). In addition we have several original physical rewards for high pledging backers. All of them are originally from Russia and, as we hope, they will let you dive deeper into the atmosphere of the game.


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