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Monster Hunter Stories

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Платформа : 3DS
Жанр : JRPG [с пошаговыми боями]
Издатель : Capcom
Разработчик : Capcom
Дата Релиза :  2016 в Японии
Официальный Сайт : http://www.mh-stories.jp/


[hide='Трейлер и Сюжетное Вступление']




[hide='TGS 2016 hands-on Геймплей']



[hide='Первые Скриншоты']






[hide='Выдержка с сайта и Фамицу по поводу игры']

■ Story

Our story begins in Rider Village, where our hero has competed a trial to become a Rider and is awarded the Kizuna Stone from the village leader.

Together with his partner Nabiru, with whom he overcame the trial, they decide to set out for the world beyond the village.

But beyond, a looming shadow is approaching. The people are beginning to notice a serious change in their daily lives and environment.

Those entrusted with their roles as Riders and Hunters will be put to the test. The key lies within the hidden power of the Kizuna Stone. A truth concerning an ancient legend.

■ Characters

Protagonist (Male or Female)

Born and raised in Rider Village, our hero is a bright and curious young boy (or girl) full of vigor. He (or she) longs to become a Rider and travel the world beyond the village.



A unique Felyne who travels together with the hero.



Senpai Rider

A kind-hearted and hot-blooded Rider. He gives various advice to the hero in his goal to become a Rider.



Childhood Friend (Girl)

A bright and lively girl curious and full of vigor, who pulls along the protagonist and friends.



Childhood Friend (Boy)

He is kind and mature, and like the protagonist he also aims to become a Rider.



Village Mayor

Elder of the Dragon Tribe who kindly watches over the hero and village people. He’s a mischievous old man and a fan of puns.



Felyne and Melynx

Lynian monsters that can understand human speech and have a connection with humans.



■ World


  • Hunter Village – A seaside town where Hunters reside. There are various buildings and markets, as well as a Hunter Guild ran by a Guild Master.
  • Starter Field – A plain landscape abundant with nature, some ancient ruins are also visible. There is a rugged valley as well, and large scale monsters lieing in wait in the center.
  • Other Locations – There are a variety of stages including hot arid sandy places, deep wooded forests, and icy caverns.

■ Battle System



Battles are turn-based. You’ll fight using “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command options.

Monsters have habits so if you pay attention and read their movements, you can tell what will be advantageous in battle.

“Otomon,” friendly monsters that Riders can deepen their bonds with, have their own minds and will act at their own will. If the condition calls for it, the Rider and monster can perform a cooperation attack.



A Rider’s attack changes based on the equipped weapon. Large swords have the “Nagiharai” special skill, one-handed swords have the “Shield Bash” special skill, and so on.

Once riders build a good enough bond with their monsters, they an use the “Ride On” technique to dramatically increase their ability. Using the Kizuna Stone, you’ll be able to use stronger “Bond Techniques,” which includes different techniques depending on the monster.

■ Otomon Eggs

You can find monster eggs on the field and bring them back to the village to raise them. What kind of monsters will hatch depends on the location you find them.



■ Interview Tidbits

The following are tidbits from the interview in this week’s Weekly Famitsu:

  • Since there are a lot of players that have an interest in the world of Monster Hunter, we were looking into a game in the the RPG genre that takes advantage of the setting for about five or six years. Actual development started two years ago.
  • There are a lot of people who love monsters, so for this game we put the spotlight on monsters.
  • I want players of all ages to play this game. We made the visuals and world setting as familiar as possible, and we’re aware the story is not too serious.
  • The “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command-based battles are not only games of luck. For example, the Velociprey likes to speed, etc. There are different habits for each monster. By continuously getting into battle, you’ll learn their habits.
  • The hero can have a party with multiple monsters. In a battle, he can fight together with one of them. It’s also possible to change which monster you are partnered with in battle.
  • The hero participates in battle but largely in a support role. The core attacks are dished out by the Otomon.
  • Otomon have their own particular abilities, and there are cases when you can go places you normally can’t by making use of them.
  • New areas previously not seen in the series will be depicted in this game.
  • Riders form bonds with monsters, while Hunters hunt monsters. From the perspective of these opposing groups, the game will depict a deep story about the world of Monster Hunter.


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[quote name='OkaRin' timestamp='1442577013' post='4964834'] Издатель : Square Enix

Разработчик : Square Enix [/quote]



Интересно, выпустят ли на западе и если да, то через сколько лет после японского релиза.

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[member='Tinkino'], Чёт я совсем на радостях забухал), соррян, поправил, и ссылку на видос геймплея тоже).

Я надеюсь, пораньше, чем они это обычно делают. Хотя, чувствую, всё равно год-полтора придётся ждать, учитывая, что здесь явно текста побольше будет...

Комменты забавные кстати на форумах))

Dragon Quest styled battle system and overworld
Raising Monsters like Pokemon
Finding and Befriending them like Yokai Watch
Art Direction like Ni No Kuni and Yokai Watch
And the franchise is Monster Hunter.

:gigi: всё почти так и есть), только по поводу "как в ЁВ" я хз, лол, пока не играл.

Хотя аналогия с ЁВ, наверное, самая верная, ЛОЛ, уж тут видно, что им покоя Ёкаи не дают, даже аниме-адаптацию сразу анонсировали. Небось уже готовят тонны сопутствующего мерча).

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Еще играя на ПСПшке во вторую и третью части, я думал, что при такой хорошей боевой механике и кастомизации игре не хватает сюжета. Даже какая-нибудь простая история про героя, путешествующего по миру в поисках монстра убившего отца, и злодея, который тоже ищет этого зверя так его член кровь может дать силу чтобы править всеми поселениями. Мне бы даже такого хватило. 


И вот монстер хантер стори...................Ну почему такой мультяшный((((  Хочется все-таки оригинального дизайна. 


Ну а если отойти от личного вкуса, то мило, но все-равно непонятно насколько все будет разнообразно и вообще интересно.

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Выйдет на западе осенью, анонсировали релиз на Директе.

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Что-то никакой информации на гамаге не появляется, а, между тем, игра вышла и получает отличные оценки.

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Игра вышла на андроид. Пока только японский, я скачал-проверил, работает отлично!

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14 июня Capcom выпустит на ПК, PS4 и Switch обновлённую версию Monster Hunter Stories — спин-оффа франшизы в жанре пошаговой RPG


Графику игры улучшат, а диалоги полностью озвучат. В издание также войдёт дополнительный контент, который раньше выпускали только в Японии.

14 июня на PS4 также появится Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, на ПК и Switch игра доступна с 2021 года.


Обе части Stories выпустят в бандле, но физическая версия сборника будет доступна только на Switch.

Продажи тоже стартуют 14 июня.



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