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Кто какую музыку слушает?

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Dave Grohl Recorded an Entire Metal Album for His New Horror Movie ‘Studio 666’




DAVE GROHL Will Release A Thrashy, Doomy Metal Album As DREAM WIDOW

Foo Fighters will release their new horror-comedy Studio 666 on February 25, featuring the music of fictional death metal band Dream Widow. Vocalist and guitarist Dave Grohl brought to life earlier this week with a frankly incredible new song called "March Of The Insane." Turns out Grohl is actually plotting an entire Dream Widow record to hopefully be out by the time Studio 666 hits the screen.

"It will be the lost album," said Grohl in an interview with Rolling Stone. "It'll be the album they were making before [Dream Window's vocalist] fucking killed the entire band."

Grohl didn't reveal who else would play on the record, but notes that it's inspired by being a "fucking Eighties thrash-metal kid"




Azzy OkaRin Увлажнитель :punk:

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Сухарик там еще новая EP вышла у Melvins, 4 трека, с кавером на Soundgarden в том числе.


Cover of Soundgarden's "Spoonman" now available on the "Lord of the Flies" EP from Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Featuring Matt Cameron of Soundgarden/Pearl Jam doing double drums with Dale and Steven McDonald on bass.


01 Never Say You're Sorry

02 Spoon Man

03 Misty Mountain Urge

04 The Receiver And The Empire State







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