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Fire Emblem Fates

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в финансовом отчете NIntendo игра заявлена на 2016 год

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[quote name='Tinkino' timestamp='1431447017' post='4816095'] Игруха официально казуальный кал за семь тыщ рублей [/quote] 

Как раньше врубить никак нельзя будет? 

Там ведь с оружием прям микроменеджмент такой был( 

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[quote name='4onoki' timestamp='1431519755' post='4816988'] Как раньше врубить никак нельзя будет? Там ведь с оружием прям микроменеджмент такой был( [/quote]

Там будут другие уровни сложности помимо казуального, но оружие теперь не будет ломаться вообще.

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Знакомство с персонажами:


Protagonist And Other Neutral Characters:




Unit: Dark Prince (Male), Dark Princess (Female)




The protagonist was born to a royal family of the White Kingdom, and was kidnapped by the Black Kingdom, Nohr, since as far back as he/she can remember. The protagonist was then raised as a member of Black Kingdom royalty.



Aqua (CV: Lynn):


Unit: Songstress




As a hostage of the protagonist’s town, she was kidnapped from the Black Kingdom by the White Kingdom, where she was raised. Since meeting the protagonist, she has decided to follow him regardless of which side he or she chooses. Aqua has the ability to sing songs with special powers.


Gunther (CV: Rokuro Naya):

Unit: Great Knight





Gunther has made a career out of his military services, and has been serving the Black Kingdom for years. He watches over the protagonist, sometimes harshly and other times warmly, as the caretaker.


Felicia (CV: Nozomi Sasaki):


Unit: Maid




Felicia is the protagonist’s personal maid who has been taking care of him/her since their time at the Black Kingdom. She’s admirable and hardworking, but also messes up a lot.


Joker (CV: Junichi Suwabe):

Unit: Butler




A butler who served the protagonist at the Black Kingdom. He’s clear-minded, adequate, and does everything from housework to chores, but he’s a little unfriendly towards everyone else besides the protagonist.


Suzukaze (CV: Daisuke Ono):


Unit: Ninja




Suzukaze is from a family to ninjas that has served the White Kingdom for generations. He doesn’t serve for any particular lord, and mainly serves as a ninja for the imperial castle. He’s polite and has a serious personality.

Silas (CV: Sho Okumura):

Unit: Social Knight



A young apprentice knight of the Black Kingdom, and also the protagonist’s childhood friend. He’s a caring friend and a good-natured young man. He can be a bit distrustful, but once he trusts someone, he’d sacrifice himself for the sake of that person if it came down to it.





White Kingdom Characters:


Ryoma (CV: Yuichi Nakamura):

Unit: Master Swordsman




Ryoma is the eldest son of the White Kingdom royal family, and is the actual older brother of the protagonist. He has the personality of one with “samurai spirit” and is very reliable.

Takumi (CV: Yuki Kaji)

Unit: Archer




Takumi is the younger prince of the White Kingdom. In order to have others acknowledge his strength, he has been polishing his martial arts skills. He has a somewhat suspicious nature.

Hinoka (CV: Kaori Nazuka):

Unit: Tenma Musha (lit. Pegasus Warrior, written in kanji instead the usual katakana for Pegasus Knight)



The eldest daughter of the White Kingdom royal family. She has the simple and obedient personality of a warrior. She began training as a warrior after her brother/sister, the protagonist, got kidnapped.


Sakura (CV: Hisako Kanemoto):

Unit: Shrine Maiden



Sakura is the princess and the youngest child of the White Kingdom royal family. She has a timid and shy personality. She even uses honorifics with her family members.


Mikoto (CV: Sayaka Ohara):



Mikoto is the peace-loving queen who rules the White Kingdom. She is the birth mother of the protagonist. She has taken the throne as the queen after the unexpected passing her of husband, Sumeragi.


Tsukuyomi (CV: Valshe):

Unit: Hexer



Tsukuyomi is a Hexer from the Wind Tribe. He’s exceptionally talented for a young man, and is quite confident  and and overbearing at times because of that. On the other hand, he occasionally displays certain childish tendencies like being afraid of the dark.


Rinka (CV: Yui Ishikawa):

Unit: Kijin (lit. “Ogre Person”)



Rinka is from the Fire Tribe, a tribe that is independent from the kingdom. She’s been ordered by her father, the chief, into helping the White Kingdom. She goes by the law of her tribe to not get involved more than she needs to with her allies.


Orochi (CV: Yuka Igarashi):

Unit: Hexer



Orochi’s high magic power is valued, and she serves as a Hexer for the imperial castle. Contrary to her calm and old-fashioned way of speaking, she has a playful personality.





Black Kingdom Characters:



Marx (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi):

Unit: Paladin



The eldest son of the Black Kingdom royal family. He’s a quiet and honest character who acts according to his father’s wishes, for the sake of the country.


Leon (CV: Mamoru Miyano):

Unit: Dark Knight




The younger prince of the Black Kingdom. Unlike his older brother Marx, he specializes in magic. Leon is considered an elite who can take on just about any task in an efficient manner.


Camilla (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro):

Unit: Revenant Knight



The eldest sister of the Black Kingdom royal family. She loves her younger brother/sister, the protagonist, so much, that she would just about kill anyone for their sake.


Elise (CV: Ayaka Suwa):

Unit: Rod Knight



Elise is the youngest child of the Black Kingdom royal family, and she has an innocent personality. She interacts with the protagonist as family, even though they’re not related by blood.


Garon (CV: Akio Otsuka):



The current king of the Black Kingdom. He’s the father who raised the protagonist. He is suspicious of others and desires to rule. Garon aims to invade the White Kingdom.


Nyx (CV: Juri Kimura):

Unit: Dark Mage




A conjurer who lives in the Black Kingdom. While she may look like a young lady, she’s actually very mature. She’s exceptionally talented as a conjurer, but she doesn’t like to be around others, and prefers to live the quiet life of a fortune teller.


Charlotte (CV: Ai Shimizu):

Unit: Axe Fighter



Charlotte is a border guard of the Black Kingdom. She might look like your average nice girl, but it’s all part of an act to just be popular with the opposite gender. Her actual personality is much less graceful, and she’s good at hand-to-hand combat. Charlotte’s dream is to someday marry a rich man.


Benoit (CV: Shigeo Kiyama):

Unit: Armor Knight



Similar to Charlotte, Benoit is also a border guard of the Black Kingdom. He’s a big man with a fierce look that scares both, enemies and allies, but he has a good heart and cares for his allies. While in battle, he keeps a homemade charm on him at all times.



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Блин, затруднительное положение будет если в европку двойную версию не завезут.. 

Я тут с иназумой в ступоре всегда(с поками тем более), а что тут будет ума не приложу. 

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Саундтрек как всегда высший happycry.gif




Плейлист (107 треков): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tZU636q_oqP3fcIeoj34JBtKAbnsyr4


Японский релиз сегодня утром состоялся. Самый успешный старт в истории FE будет.


qIB1Hsg.jpg  rjiKjTO.jpg



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